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A message from our CEO: If you’re in small a town, medium size suburb, or a large metro you can find anything that fits your lifestyle at W2GM. We’re connecting Boutique Americana all over the US and directly to you. Founded by David Ishaq with only a handful of local Tampa Bay area boutiques, WhatToGetMom is on its way to be a one-stop shop that brings your lifestyle in-style.

Our Mission

At WhatToGetMom, our goal is to make the online shopping experience convenient, enjoyable, and easy to navigate for all to shop. Secondly, we want to provide wholesalers and local boutiques an additional platform to promote their products on a national level and beyond. Major retailers across the US will carry the same products; we want to bring the exclusivity and the individuality that boutiques have to offer to our clientele. Lastly, our main goal, we want to help those who are surface-level gift-givers to be able to pick the right gift based on the lifestyle or interests of the ones they love.

About Our Founder

David Ishaq is the Founder and CEO of WhatToGetMom.com. Born in St. Petersburg, FL and was raised half of his life in Long Island, NY and then resettled with his family in Trinity, FL in 2001 after the passing of his father.

His mother, and two brothers survived him. The founder’s mom was widowed at a young age and never remarried, but dedicated her life to her sons. David admires and looks up to his mom, to this day, and with some help from his aunt and grandmother the CEO of WhatToGetMom.com always claims women raised him. He dedicates the inspiration and success of W2GM.com to them and to all mothers.

David went on to graduate from the University of South Florida with a degree in Communications. He has worked a range of positions from Radio and Broadcasting to Door-to-Door sales. It is with his work ethic and business acumen that he developed a skill for business development. Nevertheless, when he seeks further understanding, education, and direction he always goes to his mom first.

Founder's Story of WhatToGetMom.com

I always had a difficult time finding and choosing a gift for my mom, aunt, grandmother, girlfriend, and all other women in my life. My anxiety level would go through the roof. I didn’t know where to start, how to shop, or what to look for when shopping for the women in my life. This taught me a few things about what was wrong with online shopping, not being an active listener or observer to those around me, and the nuisance of websites overcrowding their page with too many selections of merchandise.

Like most men I was a surface level gift-giver. On Mother’s day and Birthdays I used to give my mom either flowers or a gift card. As her son, I gave her gifts that mirrored what my mom’s friends and relatives would give on the celebrated occasion. I never offered her something more thoughtful, sentimental, or genuine. I was uninspiring, but worst of all I never took the time to learn my mom’s interests. When I gave her a gift card; too offer an alternative from the generic gift of flowers, it was essentially me telling her to get the gift herself. I was stumped by the hardest question, What To Get Mom?

WhatToGetMom.com brings your lifestyle in-style, and even if you never asked what your mom wanted seeing different selections of interests will help your narrow that decision to the right choice.


The Founder’s Mom

mom and her three sons